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Direct cycle-type atomic power plant with means for

A direct cycle type atomic power plant provided with a means for suppressing transfer of radioactive nitrogen compounds generated by nuclear reaction in the

Temporary Flow Measurement for Meter Verification, Leak

To ensure the maximum possible conversion of nitrogen oxides in a DeNO<HIL><sub>x </sub></HIL>catalytic converter in an off-gas cleaning installation

electrical resistivity of particulate entrained in a gas

The resistivity of particulate matter in a gas stream, such as a combustion gas stream produced in a coal-fired power plant, is measured by collecting

Flow and Thermal Energy Measurement at Refrigeration Plants |

Abstract of <strong>EP0519752</strong><br>A method for measuring the liquid mass flow rate exiting a two phase (gas/liquid) feed nozzle includes

Simultaneous sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide removal by

by a gate valve and known approximately by a high flow air rotameter. AVolume 48 September 1998]]>Coal power plantFlue gas purification

High-Mach-Number jet engine test cell for industrial gas

kg/s (1.4 lb/s) of gaseous nitrogen, (GN2)each with its own turbine-type flowmeter and throttleare first introduced into power plant gas turbi

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PH adjustment of power plant cooling water with flue gas/fly

20081120-substances such as nitrogen, oxides of nitrogen. meter the components into vessel 120 (e.g., In a natural gas-fired power plant, for e

Performance of Coriolis flowmeter for metering of CO2 with

as the captured CO2 from power plant / industriesnitrogen, hydrogen, argon, oxygen and other gasesflow range up to 600 kg/h, a gas-driven CO2

- Ultrasonic clamp-on gas flow meters and liquid flow

TGF600 compressed air flow meter Nitrogen thermal mass flow meter measures the gas mass flow base on

Method and apparatus to determine flow rate with the

A method of determining a rate of flow of a first gas in a pipe includes placing a flow-restricting device in the pipe such that the device and/or

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High Quality DMF-Series Mechanical Gas Flow Metersulfuric acid liquid control nitrogen flow meter Sfere720A 3 phase LCD digital electricity power meter

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plant with hot fuel gas desulfurization Suk-Hwan gas (and/or steam) turbine for power generationFig. 3. Flow rate and composition in nitrogen-

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and sulfur sources from power plant emissions comecorrelated with gas-phase nitrogen oxides (NOx).Comparison to current model pa- rameterizations,

corrosion cracking mitigation for nuclear power plant

power plant; and stopping injection of the reductive nitrogen compound when level indicator 52, flowmeter 55 and integrated flowmeter 57 is provided

Processes for removing nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and

nitrogen oxides from power plant flue gases, alla rotometer (0-6.43 ACFM at 21° C., 1 atmThe flue gas flowrate was 10 liters per minute

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Gas &K-FactorMax Flow (L/Min N2)Power SupplySeal MaterialFittingsDisplay1.0106Nitrogen 1.0000Ammonia 0.7310Oxygen 0.9926Sulfur Dioxide 0.690010