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component systems within the cold storage unit, receiving sensor data from one or more sensors, [0091] Radial spacers block air/thermal/gas flows

Gas component sensor for gas sulfur oxides

The present invention is a gas component sensor comprising novel electrolyte compositions. The electrolyte compositions in bulk, sintered or thin film

Contact combustion gas sensor

A contact combustion-type gas sensor that can maintain its initial ivity over a long period of time in the presence of silicon vapor, wherein an

Mass pulse sensor and process-gas system and method

An improved valve device, a valved process-gas apparatus, and a method for confirming operations in a gas-process system are disclosed. The valve device

Gas sensor and air-fuel ratio controller

A gas sensor includes a gas detection section (1), a heater (2) whose electrical resistance value changes in accordance with temperature, and a

Thermal Management with PTC Thermistors | element14 |

A method, system, and computer readable medium for monitoring component usage at a vehicle, the method including monitoring a usage parameter at a

Catalytic calorimetric gas sensor

Disclosed is a method to make and an apparatus for monitoring the exhaust gas conversion efficiency of a catalytic converter. The catalytic calorimetric

automatic shut off controlled by dynamic activity sensor

An activity monitor for a gas cooker or grill which monitors activity with a motion detector. When the grill has not been used for a preselected time

Methane and water vapor gas sensors integrated into a

A miner's personal gas alarm can be mounted in a helmet powered by a rechargeable battery for a light or be self-contained. A visual indicator will

Device and system for selectively detecting gas components or

gas component in a gas to be analyzed, sensor elements—hereinafter called components in a gas to be analyzed, with a small usage of space and

Heater control apparatus for a gas concentration sensor

An air-fuel ratio sensor is equipped with a sensing element including a solid electrolytic substrate. When the sending element is warmed up and activated

Gas sensor and method for use thereof

A sensor comprises: a pump cell comprising an inner pump electrode, an outer pump electrode, a pump cell electrolyte layer interposed between the inner

Nanocrystalline films for gas-reactive applications

A gas sensor for detection of oxidizing and reducing gases, including O<HIL>2</HIL>, CO<HIL>2</HIL>, CO, and H<HIL>

Gas distribution system

An automated gas distribution system for safely and reliably controlling the flow of gaseous fuel to gas appliances. The system implements a "closed-loop"

Cloud-Based Analysis of Robotic System Component Usage

Cloud-Based Analysis of Robotic System Component UsageExample implementations The cloud may then determine, based on the sensor data, performance data

Catalytic differential calorimetric gas sensor

A catalytic differential gas combustible microcalorimeter sensor for monitoring the exhaust gas conversion for monitoring the exhaust gas conversion efficienc


2006619-A system is provided for measuring individual concentrations of compounds or components in solid, liquid, or in gaseous mixtures for respect

Terminal pin arrangement for an exhaust gas sensor

An improved exhaust gas oxygen sensor of the type adapted for installation in the exhaust conduit of an internal combustion engine. The improved sensor

component for use in e.g. thermal acceleration sensor, has

thermal acceleration sensor, has cavern formed in gas permeable, so that an exchange of gas takes(B) an usage of a micromechanical component.doi

Gas sensor and method for manufacturing sensor element

2011223-An object of the present invention is to provide a gas sensor capable of a high-accuracy measurement which is realized by a high responsiven

Sensor with periodic heating

2010419-A gas sensor includes a pair of lead strips, a sensing element preferably comprised of a metal oxide semiconductor, such as SnO2, and

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An improved valve device, a valved process-gas apparatus, and a method for confirming operations in a gas-process system are disclosed. The valve device

Gas sensor element and its production method

The present invention provides a gas sensor element and its production method, in which poisons are trapped in a porous protective layer to prevent them

Usage strategy for mixed gasoline and CNG fueled vehicles

Further, the liquid phase component may contain a mixture of CNG and Exhaust gas sensor 128 is shown coupled to exhaust passage 148 upstream of

Method, systems and sensor for detecting humidity

Methods systems and device for detecting humidity in air through use of an ammonia sensor included in the exhaust of an engine, such as a diesel engine