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Consumption of wood in building in the Sudan. Forest products

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The methane gas has been taken as fuel and single oxidation of methane Dr. D. D. ShuklaBhavesh A. PatelNitin SolankiMadhusudan C. Barot

Preparation of diazo printing plates using laser exposure

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Sudan I in DuckEggs and Crystal Violet in CarpDapeng Peng 1 & Liyan Wang et al. 2012) and triphenyl-methane dyes (Yang et al. 2007; Xing

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sudangrass 1, fresh DM, % 47.0 31.5 23.3 MJ/d 0.57b 0.60b 0.86a 0.75ab Methane MJ gas exchange, Spanish (goat breed), methane

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acidic triphenyl methane dyes (such as methyl but other lasers such as gas or solid-state 0.33 g Sudan Black, 1.02 g of 4-DMABA,

Methane emission by goats consuming diets with different

Methane emission by goats consuming diets with different levels of condensed tannin-containing lespedeza and sorghumsudangrassAmerican Society of Animal Scien

Methane Production From Animal by-Products and Wastes

college of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production, Sudan University of (III): Some physical properties of methane gas (observations) 53 Journal

Interfacial composite structure and method of making them

tetrakis aminomethyl methane; piperazine; methyl gas separations, pervaporation, and membrane Sudan IV in acetone compared to interfacial

Detecting graves with methane

201241- moisture and gas diffusivity and nutrient status The dominant herbaceous species is Sudan grass (Methane emission rates of large, exp

Investigation on the energy metabolism in growing cattle,

(MJ) Sudan 817 747 61 19 295 373 69 15 hayIn weathers the energy losses by gas are lower Methane energy 0.13 0.13 0.13 0.11 0.12

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CO2 methanation by Ru-doped ceria: the role of the oxidation

Exposing the oxidized surface to CO2and then to H2produces no methane, Sudanshu SharmaHoria MetiuEric W. McFarlandThe Royal Society of Chemistry

Methane Mitigating Properties of Saponin-rich Sources in

gases (GHG) such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous (2003) GBI Sudangrass-concentrate mixture (60:40 w/w) Yucca 0-480.0

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Specific examples of the triphenylmethane compounds Sudan Yellow (C. I. 12,055), Sudan II (C a load meter, a pressure-ive paint, etc

Synthesis, characterization, and crystal structure of a four-

(II) compound incorporating bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)methane and Madhusudan NandyArindam SahaShyamapada ShitTaylor & Francis GroupSynthesis and

effects on ruminal fermentation and microbes, methane

Sarsaponin effects on ruminal fermentation and microbes, methane production, The steers were fed Sudangrass hay plus concentrate mixture at a ratio 1.5